Focused Review for

North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination

“Based on the January 2021 NAPLEX Test Plan”

Here’s why Exam Master’s proven preparation system for the NAPLEX Will Help You

  • Provides thorough content coverage organized like the actual exam
  • Provides detailed scoring feedback to identify critical weaknesses
  • Provides thorough explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices
  • Provides Testing, Study and Learning Modes for maximum flexibility

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Matches the Current Test Plan

The NAPLEX test plan was revised in January 2021. In response, we completely reworked the organizational plan for our NAPLEX practice exam and are in the process of reworking our NAPLEX question bank. This ensures that you can study the same topics and subjects as presented on the actual exam.

Exam Master’s NAPLEX review provides thorough coverage of these topics

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Health Outcomes
  • Preparation
  • Compounding
  • Dispensing
  • Administration

It is not just about multiple choice

The NAPLEX relies on a variety of test item types, not just multiple choice questions, to test an examinee’s understanding of the material. These item types include constructed response, ordered response, multiple response and hot spot. Exam Master’s NAPLEX resource includes these types of questions for more thorough preparation.

Simulated Board Exam for Better Preparation

With an accurate test plan, test item types just like those found on the actual exam, and the same number of questions as the actual exam, our NAPLEX practice exam is the best way to go.

Detailed Explanations Enhance Learning

Highly prepared candidates don’t memorize, they learn, and our detailed rationales, including explanations for incorrect answer choices, helps cement learning. Many of Exam Master’s questions also include references for further study.

Special Features

With Exam Master you’ll find special features to improve your study experience: the ability to highlight and strike out text, the ability to mark test items for further review, the ability to create flashcards and the ability to add notes to test questions for later review.


User Dashboard

Exam Master Online provides individualized user accounts, exam and scoring histories and more. The dashboard organizes this information in an easy-to-read format so you can dive right in after logging on!

Create Exams

The heart of Exam Master Online is its ability to help students create highly individualized exams from question banks written by medical professionals. Students can take comprehensive practice exams or create exams that focus on specific subjects.

Practice Exams

Exam Master’s board preparation resources feature high quality question banks and specially curated practice exams. These exams are designed to simulate the actual board exam in content and structure. Students receive detailed scoring feedback to identify weak areas for further review.

Test Mode

The test interface features easy navigation and a variety of useful exam tools. Students can highlight and strikeout answer choices, mark questions for later review, annotate questions and much more!

Study Mode

Study Mode shows the correct answer and detailed explanation after each question.

Exam Results

After each exam, Exam Master provides a detailed breakdown of the student's performance on each topic. This allows students to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on reviewing what they don’t already know.
Exam Master’s question bank exceeded my expectations. I passed the board exam and found the material was representative of the material covered on the actual exam. - Robert Bolton

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Pharmacy (NAPLEX) Practice Exam – $49.99

Exam Master’s Pharmacy (NAPLEX) Practice Exam gives users the experience of taking the actual NAPLEX. Our Practice Exam contains 250 questions, including patient profiles, just like the actual NAPLEX. Topics are presented and tested in the questions based on the percentages provided in the NABP NAPLEX 2021 blueprint.

250 high quality questions with explanations
Based on NABP exam blueprint
Includes Test, Study, and Learning modes
Summary and detailed score reports
60 Day access

Note: Our NAPLEX practice exam is updated to the NABP 2021 blueprint and carefully constructed from our pharmacy question bank. We recommend you take the practice exam and then purchase a monthly subscription for your study and review.

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