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Master the MPJE Blueprint and You’ll Master the Exam!

Are you studying according to the most recent NABP blueprint? NABP updates are a moving target - use our Study System resources to stay on top of things.

The MPJE is a Complex Exam - Learn How to Master It!

We craft every New York MPJE practice exam question with precision so that the work you put into your study is rewarded more reliably.

Mastering the Federal and State Dichotomy of the MPJE

How do you plan to assess a given situation for the right state-versus-federal solution? Our New York study system helps you identify the times when they differ and to navigate them correctly.

Florida MPJE Competency Statements and Practice Exams: Keys to Success

Exam Master’s practice exam and competency statement report are based directly on the NABP’s MPJE blueprint, making them an invaluable resource for students preparing for the MPJE and practicing pharmacists who need t...

Florida Pre-MPJE: Do You Need It?

With our Florida MPJE resources, you will have access to up-to-date study materials so you can be confident that the content you are studying is relevant to the exam.

Florida, What is the MPJE Exam?

For recently graduated pharmacy students, watch our video to learn how the MPJE exam is structured.

Supporting the Lifecycle of PAs

For over 15 years, Exam Master has supported Physician Assistant education, training, and certification. Preparing for education and training for a Physician Assistant career can be demanding and rigorous. As one of t...

2019 PANCE Passing Rates Causing Concerns?

Some early results reported to us suggest that PANCE passing rates may be lower this year, catching educators and students off guard.

Success on NCLEX-RN and Multiple Response Questions

Well, we certainly like positive feedback from our many users, and we are always happy to share that feedback. In this case, our happy nursing graduate makes a particular point of mentioning that she was helped in he...

Will you be ready for the next generation NCLEX?

According to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) over 5.4 million nursing professionals have taken the NCLEX since April of 1994. That’s a lot of aspiring nursing professionals, and not surprising...