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PA School Preparation Program for Pre-PA Students


Covers all core subjects you need  for success in PA School

Here’s why Exam Master’s PA School Preparation Program will help you:

Covers the key subjects necessary to succeed in your first year of PA school.
Focuses on the key topics most important and relevant for each subject.
Provides hundreds of questions for practice and checking your results.
Includes a capstone exam to track progress.
Field-tested with both PA and other graduate health professions students.

PA School is difficult and Challenging

Students often struggle in PA school because they do not sufficiently recall the key topics and concepts needed during their first year of school.  A thorough understanding of these foundational subjects is critical to learning the more complex concepts taught in PA school.  Get ahead of the game by preparing for PA school early!

Focus on Anatomy of Physiology

Our program is designed to cover the subjects most commonly required for success in PA school, with a particular focus on Anatomy and Physiology.  These subjects represent the core foundation for the advanced learning required as pre-requisite courses by most PA programs.

Instructional Videos and Lectures

Our instructional videos are broken into small pieces for flexible learning.  Each module clearly covers specific learning objectives with practice and self-check questions to solidify what you learned. The program is self-paced for convenient study and review.

Capstone Exam

Identifying knowledge gaps for further study and support is a major key to success in PA school.  As part of the program, the Capstone exam is designed to measure knowledge of the key concepts covered in each subject.  This exam provides you the confidence to know you have met the challenge and are well-prepared for your next adventure as a physician assistant student.


User Dashboard

Exam Master Online provides individualized user accounts, exam and scoring histories and more. The dashboard organizes this information in an easy-to-read format so you can dive right in after logging on!

Create Exams

The heart of Exam Master Online is its ability to help students create highly individualized exams from question banks written by medical professionals. Students can take comprehensive practice exams or create exams that focus on specific subjects.

Practice Exams

Exam Master’s board preparation resources feature high quality question banks and specially curated practice exams. These exams are designed to simulate the actual board exam in content and structure. Students receive detailed scoring feedback to identify weak areas for further review.

Test Mode

The test interface features easy navigation and a variety of useful exam tools. Students can highlight and strikeout answer choices, mark questions for later review, annotate questions and much more!

Study Mode

Study Mode shows the correct answer and detailed explanation after each question.

Exam Results

After each exam, Exam Master provides a detailed breakdown of the student's performance on each topic. This allows students to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on reviewing what they don’t already know.
Exam Master’s question bank exceeded my expectations. I passed the board exam and found the material was representative of the material covered on the actual exam. - Robert Bolton

Be as prepared for PA School as you can be with this comprehensive and convenient review program.


PA School Preparation Program

Includes the following:

5 Subjects

19 hours of video instruction

500+ practice questions

Capstone Exam

6-Months Access to All Resources 

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