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The Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination

MPJE – Maryland

Written by an expert in pharmacy law and pharmacy practice

Exam Master’s state-specific Maryland MPJE Practice Exam and MPJE Competency Review are designed to work together to offer the best possible preparation for the MPJE exam.  Together these resources offer the following advantages for the MPJE candidate: 


•MPJE® preparation resources must accurately reflect its specific jurisdiction. Exam Master’s pharmacy law expert and pharmacy law review panel ensure that practice questions are accurate for each specific state. All test questions have references and citations for verification, review, and further study. Each MPJE® practice exam is mapped to the NABP MPJE® exam blueprint for content coverage to mimic the exam.

Getting the Federal Law Right

Exam Master’s MPJE® practice exam covers state law and federal law. Individual states can narrow or modify the scope of federal requirements in some cases, so Exam Master ensures that federal law is covered in the context of that specific state.

Detailed Scoring Feedback

Each practice exam provides detailed scoring feedback so candidates can identify strengths and weaknesses and cover critical knowledge gaps.

Understanding the Competencies

Succeeding on the MPJE® is about more than memorization. Exam Master’s MPJE® Competencies tackles the overall structure of the exam and provides guidance on how to prepare for it.

Having a Strategy to Pass the MPJE

Exam Master’s MPJE® Competency Review and Study Guide provides an in-depth exploration of what to expect when taking the MPJE®. There are several unique facets to the exam that might stump unprepared candidates. The Study Guide provides expert insight into how to prepare for the exam and master its content.

Thorough Coverage of Maryland Pharmacy Law

We take the time to thoroughly review and understand Maryland pharmacy law and develop a test plan to cover all key competencies. By using our MPJE resource, you won’t miss key topics including Federal law as applied in Maryland.

Includes these important Pharmacy Practice Topics

  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Acquisition and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Issuance of Prescription Drug Orders
  • Procedures for Proper Dispensing
  • Patient Counseling
  • Dispensing of non-prescription products
  • Record Keeping
  • Operational Requirements

Quickly Identify What You Know and Don’t Know

The Exam Master system has always focused on organizing test questions just like the actual board exam with detailed topics, subjects and categories. This way, when you take a practice test, your score results are meaningful and similar to what you’ll find on the actual exam.

Understand the Competencies

MPJE Competency Review helps you to thoroughly understand the legal and practice principles necessary to master the MPJE

  • Competency Building Blocks of the MPJE Explained
  • Covers Technical Specifications of the exam
  • Includes test-taking strategies and study tips
  • Includes practice questions to solidify learning


How Exam Master’s MPJE® resource will help you:

Visually appealing presentation with detailed explanations of the technical specifications of the MPJE.

Content developed from expert guidance on how to focus and improve MPJE study efforts.

User-friendly arrangement of the MPJE® Competency statements. 


User Dashboard

Exam Master Online provides individualized user accounts, exam and scoring histories and more. The dashboard organizes this information in an easy-to-read format so you can dive right in after logging on!

Create Exams

The heart of Exam Master Online is its ability to help students create highly individualized exams from question banks written by medical professionals. Students can take comprehensive practice exams or create exams that focus on specific subjects.

Practice Exams

Exam Master’s board preparation resources feature high quality question banks and specially curated practice exams. These exams are designed to simulate the actual board exam in content and structure. Students receive detailed scoring feedback to identify weak areas for further review.

Test Mode

The test interface features easy navigation and a variety of useful exam tools. Students can highlight and strikeout answer choices, mark questions for later review, annotate questions and much more!

Study Mode

Study Mode shows the correct answer and detailed explanation after each question.

Exam Results

After each exam, Exam Master provides a detailed breakdown of the student's performance on each topic. This allows students to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on reviewing what they don’t already know.
Exam Master has been really helpful. I like creating tests and checking my answers. I also like the score report to determine what my strengths are and to see if I need more practice. - ALYCIA BROWN
I passed the MPJE! I wouldn't have passed if I didn't use your study guide and take your practice exam. So, thank you! - Successful MPJE Candidate

MPJE – Maryland


Maryland Law – Federal Law – MPJE Competencies


MPJE Maryland Practice Exam

Covers Maryland and federal law

120 high quality Questions

References and Citations

Helpful Explanations

Detailed Scoring Feedback

MPJE Maryland Practice Exam, Competency Review and Study Guide

MPJE Practice Exam for Maryland

MPJE Competency Video Review

MPJE Study Guide and Tips

MPJE Competency Statements


Includes Commonly Prescribed Medications Review Practice Exam

Covers Top 200 Medications
Covers 7 key aspects of each medication
60 Day access

Includes Brand-Generic Drug Review Practice Exam

Covers Common Medications
200 Multiple Choice Questions
60 Day access

Note: Some of the questions contained in the Commonly Prescribed Medications and Brand Generic Drug reviews may also be found in the NAPLEX review. However, these supplemental resources have their own specialized organization for added flexibility.

Mastering the MPJE: Prescription for Success

Exam Master’s Mastering the MPJE program offers an expert-guided approach to better prepare for every state MPJE exam. The complete set of resources in the Mastering the MPJE program is designed to identify the most practical elements for studying for the MPJE by providing a comprehensive understanding of the MPJE competencies.

Detailed audiovisual presentation & transcript
Expert-tested MPJE study techniques
MPJE Competency Statement Spreadsheet
Study guide with in-depth content breakdown
Review of common challenges to broaden study

Succeed on the first try with Mastering the MPJE!

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