Board Prep for the Physician Assistant PANCE and PANRE Examination

Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE)
Physician Assistant National Recertifying Exam (PANRE)

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Product Features: 

  • 2700 board style questions with explanations
  • Based on the NCCPA PANCE/PANRE exam blueprint*
  • Detailed scoring feedback by Topic, Subject and Category
  • Create your own flash cards
  • Test and Study modes, timed or untimed


Exam Master’s board prep for the Physician Assistant PANCE and PANRE Examination offers more than 2700 questions and explanations covering what you need to know for Physician Assistant Certification or Recertification. The data is organized according to the NCCPA* exam blueprint. The perfect resource for Physician Assistant Study.

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Exam Master’s board prep for the Physician Assistant PANCE and PANRE Examination will

  • Quickly assess your strengths and weaknesses through score reports
  • Provide detailed explanations with every question
  • Allow users to take realistic practice exams
  • Build your confidence for the Physician Assistant boards!

User Feedback:

"I wanted to thank you for making Exam Master available to us to aid in our preparation for the PANCE. I answered and reviewed at least 50 questions every night for two weeks before the actual exam and 1 full length practice exam two days before. It was invaluable for preparing me and allowed me to feel more confident on test day. I found out today that I passed with well above the number of points required to do so."

PA Student, Butler University

Exam Master has over 15 years experience serving the medical test preparation market.  Thousands of aspiring health care professionals have used Exam Master for a fast and efficient review of a broad and deep range of medical topics and subjects.  The rapid review, available explanations and detailed scoring feedback should be part of any board preparation plan.

Available Resources:

Online Question Bank Subscription – Choose 2 weeks up to one year
Online Practice Exams – Realistic board exam experience and practice
Online Generic-Brand Drug Review – Rapid review of common drugs
CD-ROM – No time restrictions, powerful features

PANCE/PANRE Practice Exams

The best possible way for PA Students and Practitioners to prepare for the Physician Assistant National Certifying or Recertifying Exam!

Exam Master’s Physician Assistant PANCE/PANRE practice exams give the aspiring PA professional a realistic exam experience for Physician Assistant Certification or Recertification!! With 300 questions and explanations, these practice exams simulate the experience of taking the actual PANCE or PANRE. The perfect resource for Physician Assistant board review and study.

Each PANCE/PANRE Practice Exam consists of the following:

  • 300+ high quality questions with explanations
  • Based on  NCCPA exam blueprint
  • Test and study modes
  • Summary and detailed score reports

New! - Based on the NCCPA blueprint, Exam Master's PANCE/PANRE Challenge Exam is designed to give the PA student or practitioner a more challenging exam experience. Consisting of 220 test items divided into 5 exam blocks of 44 questions each, it covers all of the key disease groups and tasks required of the Physician Assistant. The premium version utilizes previous PANCE/PANRE Practice Exam questions that have been identified as being more difficult or challenging.
Note: Our PANCE/PANRE practice exams are carefully constructed from our physician assistant  question bank.  We recommend you take one or more practice exams and then purchase a monthly subscription for your study and review.  Follow this by taking the challenge exam.

PANCE/PANRE Online – 2700+ questions and explanations

Special Offer - Purchase a 3-month subscription or longer and receive a practice exam for free.
Send a copy of your purchase confirmation email to [email protected] and let us know which practice exam you wish at no extra charge.

2 weeks $47.00
1 month $79.00
3 months    $138.00
6 months $198.00
1 year $237.00


PANCE/PANRE Practice Exams Online

Version 1 (different questions than v2) $24.99
Version 2 (different questions than v1) $24.99
Challenge Exam (more challenging questions from previous versions) $29.99

PANCE/PANRE Other Options

iphone App $19.99
Windows CD-ROM (no time limit) $149.00

NOTE: CD-ROM and OnLine systems use many but not all of the same questions.  Some questions may differ. CD-ROM offers similar features to the online system but by means of a different user interface.

*Neither EXAM MASTER nor this product has any affiliation with, or endorsement from, the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA)

Exam Master Advantage - Powerful, Convenient, Flexible

Feedback from our Customers

  • OUHSC Student

    I like it all. The questions sometimes are very difficult, but I'd rather them be difficult (and learn something from them) than be too easy.   Read More
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