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NCLEX-RN Practice Exam Features:

  • 350 high quality questions with explanations
  • Based on  NCLEX-RN exam blueprint
  • Test and study modes
  • Summary and detailed score reports

FREE Version 1 Practice Exam with 3 Month or Longer Subscription Purchase!

Write "Free Version 1 Practice Exam" in Comments Section


NCLEX-RN Practice Exams - Online

Based on the NCSBN blueprint, Exam Master's NCLEX-RN practice exams are designed to give the nursing candidate a realistic exam experience. They consist of 350 test items divided into 7 exam blocks of 50 questions each. Each, containing separate questions, covers all the key topics that are found on the NCLEX-RN exam blueprint including client needs and integrated processes.

NCLEX-RN Practice Exam - Mobile App

Get the most realistic NCLEX-RN exam experience, accurately testing knowledge of the key concepts presented on the actual exam. This study resource covers all of the needs and integrated processes required of the registered nurse with 350 exam questions to choose from. Detailed explanations are included with all the questions. Easy navigation for on the go.  iOS devices only.  

Note: Our NCLEX-RN practice exams are carefully constructed from our NCLEX-RN question bank.  We recommend you take a practice exam and then purchase a monthly subscription for your study and review.

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When you want to study and the internet is not available use our CD-ROM. Great features similar to our online product.


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Damien Zsiros, MSN, RN, CNE, CRNP

Damien Zsiros has been a nurse since 1986, after graduating from the Uniontown Hospital School of Nursing. Damien then received his BSN and an MSN in family nursing from Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. He is licensed by the state of PA as a certified registered nurse practitioner. Damien attained his certified nurse educator status in November, 2009. His teaching focus is medical-surgical nursing and he teaches the mental health component of the nursing curriculum for Penn State, Fayette Campus.

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NOTE: CD-ROM and OnLine systems use many but not all of the same questions. Some questions may differ. CD-ROM offers similar features to the online system but by means of a different user interface.

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