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  • 2150 High Quality Board Style Questions
  • Organized using NBDE Exam Guidelines
  • Covers over 30 subjects in the dental sciences
  • Detailed Explanations covering all answer choices
  • Detailed Scoring Feedback by Topic, Subject and Category
  • Create Your Own Flash Cards
  • Test and Study Modes, Timed or Untimed
  • Build your confidence for the Dental boards!

Exam Master’s board review for the NBDE (National Board Dental Exam Part 1) contains over 2150 practice and review questions with detailed explanations. Our questions are organized into over 30 subjects for quick and comprehensive review. Exam Master’s board review for the NBDE, National Board Dental Exam Part 1 offers questions designed to supplement classroom study in the dental sciences as well as many board review-type questions to help in your preparation NBDE study. See NBDE Candidate Guide for more information on the exam.

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Exam Master has over 15 years experience serving the Health Sciences Test Prep Market. Thousands of students have used our system for a fast and efficient review of a broad and deep range of medical topics and subjects. The rapid review, available explanations and detailed scoring feedback should be part of any Health Sciences preparation plan.

Available Resources:

Online Question Bank Subscription – Choose 2 weeks up to one year
Medical Subjects – Chose from seven available subjects
Online Generic-Brand Drug Review – Rapid review of common drugs

NBDE Part 1 Online – 2150+ questions and explanations

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Note: Exam Master has no affiliation with, nor is this product officially endorsed by, the American Dental Association or the Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations.

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  • OUHSC Student

    I like it all. The questions sometimes are very difficult, but I'd rather them be difficult (and learn something from them) than be too easy.   Read More
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